Eldyne has accreditation of the ISO 9000 certification since 1996. In fact we are the first Indian Signalling and Telecom Company to have been acclaimed with the same.

We got the approval for the single section digital axle counter way back in 2005 from the Research, Design and Standards Organisation (RDSO) which is the standard assurance approving authority of The Indian Railways. This we renew from time to time as needed.

We are also the first company in India to have received approval for the multi section digital axle counter by RDSO in 2005 and are continuing as an approved vendor.

We had introduced the single section digital axle counter and multi section digital axle counter to The Indian Railways, a product of Thales which has SIL 4 certification and EBA approval from Germany.

Today we have eleven variants of Signalling Q Series metal to carbon relays which are also RDSO approved.

Finally Eldyne was recognised as the Key Industrial Partner in India by Thales in 2018 after completing 25 years of partnership.

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