Work In Progress

This is a prestigious dual detection project with interface having Ansaldo’s electronic interlocking in the auto block section of PNK to ALJN, under the North Central Railway, Allahabad division. This being one of the busiest routes in the country, the purpose here was to provide reliability and availability for this congested line. The axle counter solution was chosen to resolve the problem and Eldyne supplied around five hundred and seventy axle counters for the same. This work is in progress where many of the sections have already been commissioned and are operational.

STP-17 & CTP-14 Project

This is a prestigious JICA funded dedicated freight corridor project. In this project we are providing solution for track circuiting using multi section digital axle counter with interface and train management system along with EI. We are partnering Kyosan, Japan for these two projects. The design and supply of MSDAC system is in full swing. The installation and commissioning work will follow shortly. This is an international project and deemed export project which is monitored by an overseas consultant group for documentation, quality and safety issues.

RVNL Project of Ashoka Buildcon & Kalpataru Power Transmission

This is a composite project including electrification, signalling and telecommunication. In this project we are providing solution to these two companies which includes - design, integration, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance support. We are providing a solution of around three thousand axle counters towards these two large projects.

NR-42 Project

This project pertains to the work dedicated to the freight corridor of India and under the work station and block sections of the Ambala – Rajpura section which is being realigned for generating space for the same. This project also includes dual detection and PI interlocking in the mid-section and station areas. Currently, one block section has been commissioned and the work in two block sections are in progress.

Pandabeshwar Junction Project

This is a total signalling EPC project having two major divisions; outdoor work and indoor work. The project is inclusive of design, installation, commissioning and integration of the solution. The outdoor work comprises of trenching, cable laying of various kinds, supplying of digital axle counter solutions, UFSBI, relays, panels, data logger, mechanical items and other items. The indoor section similarly comprises of design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning and integration of two numbers of electronic interlocking. This project is a Railway Board monitored project which is time bound and hence being completed expeditiously.

Central Railway Project

Two projects of Central Railway are aimed at providing reliability and availability during the monsoons in Mumbai suburban areas. The project demands design, supply, installation, commissioning and integration, testing and commissioning of digital axle counter solution, signalling equipment amongst others. This is a work of more than thousand axle counters.

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