About Eldyne
Eldyne is a project engineering and management company based in Kolkata since 1987. Being a pioneer of the modernised digital and automated Railway Signalling System, we mostly do highly specialised work for The Indian Railways.

We are constantly evolving and adapting, not only because business does not stay still, but also because we like to explore new ideas. Therefore, we provide a 360° solution to our clients by crafting everything; from giving concepts to designing, developing, assembling, integrating hardware and software, testing and finally offering solutions for commissioning. At Eldyne, we do it all.

Our world-renowned cooperation partner Thales, identifying us as their Key Industrial Partner, has enabled us to emerge as the largest supplier of the wheel detection solution (also known as Digital Axle Counter) in the Signalling arena in India. We are also committed towards keeping these systems ready and reliable, by way of disciplined maintenance and prompt troubleshooting. Our dedicated team of maintenance engineers, spanning across India, are well experienced and thoroughly trained to identify any faults and rectify them immediately.

A feather in the cap has been piloting of Thales’s advanced train protection system - European Train Control System (ETCS Level 1) for The Indian Railways.

Furthermore, Eldyne has expanded its wide range of Relay production with the best quality “Q” Series Safety Signalling Relays that is manufactured at the Kolkata workshop. These Relays are all RDSO approved. Being one of the market leaders in the country the business is growing exponentially further.

We also have Kyosan Japan as our equity partner. This has helped us champion not only much larger projects for our Digital Axle Counter business, but also enabled us to explore into the new world of Electronic Interlocking business.

Over the years, we have grown to become one of the leading companies in providing advanced Signalling and EPC Solutions for The Indian Railways. Our wide range of end-to-end and highly customised Signalling Solutions can not only revamp existing rail networks, but can also ensure a good head start to greenfield projects. With more than 18 projects successfully commissioned across the Indian sub-continent, our interlocking solutions ensure highest standards of safety, reliability, and system performance. This in turn contributes to enhanced availability for travel and freight transport options.

We like to collaborate with visionary leaders who enable change. Therefore, we have come together with tech experts with a shared mission of applying AI for breakthrough innovation and technology transformation across various industries. Having a collective of AI & Drones experts, along with strategists and project managers, we can create unimagined opportunities which in turn will accelerate sustainable growth for the Government, Defence, Mining Industries, Manufacturing Plants, Pipeline Industries, and so on.

We believe in building strong relationships that last a lifetime. This has helped us to have a highly efficient team who believe in the same uncompromising stance we have regarding safety and assured quality. They therefore take utmost care when handling products of such high levels of safety.

Our conviction that great work cannot happen without passion, intelligence and above all - personal commitment, is demonstrated by a portfolio that spans over three decades, strong partnerships and clients of every size.

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