Comprehensive Maintenance & Support
Ensuring the highest level of equipment performance and continuous availability
The lifeline of India - the main lines of the Indian Railway Network, is immensely dependent on the performance of Digital Axle Counters supplied by Eldyne. We are committed towards keeping these systems ready and reliable, by way of disciplined maintenance and prompt troubleshooting.

Our dedicated team of maintenance engineers, spanning across India, are well experienced and thoroughly trained to identify any faults and rectify them immediately.
Our gamut of services
Warranty support

Preventive maintenance

Local, zonal and headquarter level inventory management

Detection and analysis of epicentre of the equipment failure

Troubleshooting with 24x7 support

Spares repairing / replacement
Our Modus Operandi
Since 2012, our efforts in comprehensive equipment maintenance has helped The Indian Railways to run their trains in a smooth and unwavering manner. Our teams work around the clock in remote locations, as well as in the most challenging of environments, to ensure that The Indian Railways meet its target of 99% uptime and a maximum of 1 hour downtime!

Our modus operandi for complying with the uptime and downtime targets include stringent and constant tracking and analysis. Some of the activities carried out by the team at our head office is in constant coordination with the maintenance managers; and that includes:
Preparation of preventive maintenance schedules and tracking thereof

Carrying out routine maintenance across 40+ parameters for each system

In depth root cause analysis of equipment failure in collaboration with Thales’ experts

Turnaround time analysis of breakdown calls

In time supply of spares and inventory

Online failure logging facility

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