Design & Engineering
For our Digital Axle Counter business we provide
Preparation of Detection Point (DP) Disposition Plan It is a rail contact/ sensor installation plan based on a signalling plan.
System Design This is designed based on specific requirements and boundary conditions of a customer.
Preparation of Bill Of Materials It is prepared based on a designed system.
Installation, Testing, Programming and Commissioning This includes installation of complete systems indoors and outdoors. Testing and programming is done using customised tools.
Interface Design with Electronic Interlocking (EI) Through this interface Multi Section Digital Axle Counters (MSDAC) and Interlocking System (EI) communicate with each other.
Technical Audit Services We provide technical audit of installed and running systems.
Trouble shooting and Maintenance This service includes a yearly contract for trouble shooting and maintenance wherein we provide 24X7 service support.
For our Signalling & Interlocking Projects we provide
Signalling Plan Preparation This is based on the survey and preparation of a signalling plan which in turn is based on the engineering plan.
Interlocking Plan Design Based on the railway requirement and signalling rule of India interlocking design is made.
Cable Courage Plan This is done based on the cable requirement and laying plan.
Interface Plan with Electronic Interlocking (EI), Train Management Service (TMS) and Automatic Train Protection System (ATP) This is a complete automation plan to interface all the signalling equipments in the signalling hierarchy.
Earthing Plan This is the earthing and bonding plan of the equipments.
Networking Design The networking design is done to interconnect the signalling systems using telecom equipments.
Health Monitoring Design It is the designed to monitor the health of individual equipments and total Interlocking system.
Installation & Commissioning Services We provide testing, factory acceptance test (FAT), site acceptance test (SAT) and commissioning of the total Interlocking system.
For Our Automatic Train Protection System Business We Provide
Survey and Gradient Study Survey is conducted to mark the place for system/sub system installation in order to comply with the customer’s requirement.
Outdoor Installation Support We provide services for installation of outdoor sub systems.
Program of System/ Sub System Here, data entry and programming of sub systems are done using customised tools.

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