Signalling Projects
End-to-end, Customer Oriented Signalling Solutions for Brownfield & Greenfield Projects
Over the years, we have grown to become one of the leading companies in providing advanced Signalling and EPC Solutions for The Indian Railways. Our wide range of end-to-end and highly customised Signalling Solutions can not only revamp existing rail networks, but can also ensure a good head start to greenfield projects.

With more than 18 projects successfully commissioned across the Indian sub-continent, our interlocking solutions ensure highest standards of safety, reliability, and system performance. This in turn contributes to enhanced availability for travel and freight transport options. Our interlocking architecture coupled with our extensive domain expertise enables us to take up a variety of projects in urban and main-lines, whilst ensuring seamless integration with the most varied and complex infrastructures.

Our gamut of services
Electronic Interlocking

Panel Interlocking

Route Relay Interlocking

Automatic Signalling

European Train Control System
Turnkey Solutions
As a turnkey solutions provider, we offer a holistic approach to Railway Signalling, starting right from planning, mapping, and designing the integrated solution, providing the latest technology and products, verification and validation, till the successful commissioning of the project.
Building a True Competitive Advantage
Manufacturers of major Signalling equipment necessary for any signalling project such as Digital Axle Counters and Signalling Relays. Sourcing of Electronic Interlocking from Kyosan (our shareholder).

In house expertise of interlocking design supported by our computer-aided design (CAD) team.

Cumulative experience of more than 100 years of execution of signalling projects.

Dynamic and efficient team comprising experienced Indian Railways officers.

Experienced team in handling applications for various requirements such as Yard Signalling, Automatic Block Signalling, Intermediate Block Hut Signalling, Panel Interlocking to name a few.
Functional Expertise
Requirement Definition and Mapping

Aspect Chart, Route Control Chart and Cable Coverage Plan to name a few

System Engineering

Interface and Book Wiring

System Integration
Inhouse indoor execution team and outdoor supervisor team
Application and Data Design
Verification and Validation
Project Management and Documentation

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