Multiple Section Digital Axle Counter
Insight On Multi Section Digital Axle Counter
Multi entry multi section digital axle counters are primarily used for Yard Interlocking consisting of Main Line, Reversible Line, Loop Line, Berthing Tracks with cross overs simultaneously. The flexibility of MSDAC, model AzLM makes it a first choice for wheel detection system in a complex environment of the Signalling industry. The system offered by Eldyne comes with a proven technology, is ultra-reliable, has one of the highest mean time between failures (MTBF) and is SIL4 certified. The ever-increasing usage and applications, scalable features and handling capacity of large area has put MSDAC systems way ahead of SSDAC systems. The highest population of Eldyne’s system which spans over all eighteen Zonal Railways and Metro Railways in the single and redundant dual mode, is undoubtedly now the lifeline of Main Line Signalling Systems. In fact, all the large yards and most of the auto block sections have been implemented with our systems.
One System Many Applications
Yard Track Circuiting
Intermediate Block Hut Application
Auto Block Sections
Gate Warning System
Continuous Sections for Block Proving
Dual Detection with DC Track Circuit, Audio Frequency Track Circuit, SSDAC, MSDAC
N:1 Supervisory
The Overall Advantages
Eldyne’s MSDAC system is the most reliable with very high MTBF, failsafe, SIL4 certified and EBA Germany approved.

It is tried, tested and therefore proven through decades throughout the globe under environments panning from artic to subtropical and deserts.

It has a modular, scalable and an upgradable architecture.

It runs both on copper cable as well as fibre optic.

It has the capability of handling large yards using a single system.

Maintenance required is very minimal.

It is an energy efficient system.

Same pair of copper cable is used for power and data transmission which in turn is a huge savings in quad cables.

Long distance communications can take place without any active repeater.

Direct Interface, Relay Interface and Serial Interface possible with Electronic Interlocking.

It has exhaustive local and remote diagnostics with cyclic self-tests.

Resetting through EI can be done without physical reset box.

It has maximum detectable speed of 350KMPH.

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