Q Series Signalling Relays
The Beginning
Eldyne’s landmark contributions in Railway Signalling technology first began in 1987, when it became one of the first few Indian companies to develop and manufacture the “Q” Series Relays. Until then, The Indian Railways imported the “Q” Series Relays mostly from UK-based companies.
Marking Our Quality
Over time, Eldyne has regularly developed different variants of the “Q” Series Relays for the Indian Railways, relying on rigorous testing and quality assurance. As a test of endurance and quality, our packed Relays are dropped down from 30 feet above sea level. We comply with The British Railway Standard guidelines for manufacturing of our Relays. All of Eldyne’s Relay variants have been approved by RDSO.

What Sets Us Apart
We are one of the 1st suppliers of both AC and Non AC Twin Relays having 4F/4B configuration.

Our product passes through 18 stages of operations to obtain not only accuracy of all parameters but to also achieve the overall highest quality.

We have a specialised quality control team focusing on inspection at various stages. Infact, we not only inspect all raw materials but also carry out destructive and non-destructive testing of each component used in each and every Relay.

We use high grade materials; an example being Stainless Steel - 304 in fastening, clamping and holding of materials.

We use nickel chrome plating on sensitive items such as slug, shunt and helical spring to prevent rusting and corrosion which in turn increases longevity.

We use ‘C’ type clamping system in our Relays for better handling of finished products.

Focusing on Holistic Improvement
There is no single “off-the-shelf” model for developing talent especially when everything is mostly handcrafted. We take pride in creating a dynamic environment where employees have not only dedicated their careers to build Eldyne but further paved the way for young talent to enter this exciting market. As a company driven by innovation and growth, we are moving towards automating specific set-ups with an aim to reap higher productivity for exponential growth. We are also continuously working on the research and development of new variants of Relays to widen our product portfolio.

Product Variants
Each of our 11 variants are a great piece of engineering having 64 components
  • QN1
  • QNA1
  • QSPA1
  • QN1K
  • QNA1K
  • QT2 (4 OHMS)
  • QS3
  • QNN1
  • QT2 (9 OHMS)
  • QTA2
  • QNNA1

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