Artificial Intelligence & Drone Solutions
Having a shared mission of applying powerful AI along with cutting-edge drone technology and strategic thinking, we are focussing on bringing new opportunities to solve problems at speed and scale for the Government, Defence, Mining Industries, Manufacturing Plants, Pipeline Industries, and so on.
Our Capabilities
Drone As A Service (DAAS)

Bringing together hardware, software, and analytics, we provide Drone based solutions across industries.

  Asset Inspection Drone Services
Equipped with an 8 axis collision avoidance system along with a capability of flying indoors, our drones services in the asset inspection domain enable aerial inspections of critical assets such as Furnaces, Chimneys, Telecom Towers, Power Transmission lines, amongst others, to minimize downtime, assess structural integrity, as well as diagnose a variety of anomalies, including breakage, leakage, missing members, rusting, corrosion, loose nuts & cables, and other kinds of damages which are not possible to detect by human intervention.

Survey & Mapping Drone Services
Our survey-grade drones, approved by Geological Survey of India, are capable of efficiently mapping thousands of square kilometres, whilst maintaining positional accuracy of up to 5 cms and producing high-resolution maps and terrain models for actionable insights on flood analysis, mining explorations, understanding topography & land use patterns, and much more.

Surveillance Drone Services
With an objective to offer enhanced security management and disaster management, our surveillance drone services enable AI tracking of objects of interest in real time, for enabling immediate mitigation actions.

Agri Spraying & Crop Health Monitoring Drone Services
Our agri-spray and multispectral survey drone solutions ensure farmers get enhanced productivity and efficiency by means of crop health monitoring, better optimization of agri inputs usage, and effective irrigation planning & land use.

Indigenous Manufacturing
Having unparalleled commitment towards R & D, innovating constantly, and transforming complex technology into user-friendly devices, we provide customized drones to industrial establishments and public undertakings.

Surveillance Drones
Our highly customized surveillance drones come equipped with collision avoidance and AI target tracking features, for offering day & night patrolling at critical areas, such as perimeters, storage sites, and facility areas. With best-in-class video and data analytics, these drones are capable of detecting and classifying objects of interest into humans, vehicles, boxes, and so on.

Survey & Mapping Drones
Our indigenised survey and mapping drones empanelled with Geological Survey of India offer high resolution images of <3 cm/pixel from a flight altitude of 120 meters. These drones not only offer better accuracy than satellites, but also account for reduced survey time for high resolution mapping and terrain modelling.

Agri Spraying & Crop Health Monitoring Drones
With a 16 litre spraying capacity and a terrain follow capability, our in-house designed agri-spray and multispectral survey drones enable precision fertiliser spray and crop health monitoring, thereby ensuring an enhanced crop yield and higher efficiency.

AI Based Security Solutions
We unlock the power of AI to provide innovative and smart solutions to overcome the most pressing security challenges.

Customized CCTV-AI Security Systems
Backed by artificial intelligence, our CCTV Security Systems enables establishments to easily identify contraband, carry out crowd counting, and detect vulnerabilities whilst providing accurate situational awareness.

Nerve Centre Dashboard
Our dashboard enables live monitoring as well as system generated alerts & alarms for detecting, recognizing, and tracking people & objects, thereby helping in preventing security breaches, and ensuring enhanced security management.

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