Project Achievements
RVNL EPC Project

Location: Jaroli, Jaroli-A, and Nayagarh (South Eastern Railway, Chakradharpur division and East Coast Railway, Khurda Road Division)

Nature of Work: EPC Project

Application: Replacement of Panel Interlocking with Electronics Interlocking along with MSDAC in Yard

Eldyne has successfully commissioned the very 1st RVNL EPC Project at Jaroli, Jaroli-A and Nayagarh stations. This project comprised the IBS in the Nayagarh-Porjanpur section and the modification of outdoor signalling work at Porjanpur station. These enhancements were executed in connection with the commissioning of twin single lines in the Jaroli-Nayagarh section and the doubling in the Nayagarh-Porjanpur section. Utilising modern signalling systems like electronic interlocking from Kyosan and Multi Section Digital Axle Counter from Eldyne, this project ensures seamless railway traffic management and improved timelines.

ER-Dum Dum

Location: Dumdum Jn (Eastern Railway, Sealdah Division)

Nature of Work: EI Project

Application: Replacement of RRI with Electronics Interlocking in Distributed Architecture and Replacement of DC Track Circuits by MSDAC in Yard

Eldyne has successfully executed Distributed Type Electronics Interlocking System project at Dum Dum Junction in the Sealdah division. With over 340 routes, one central EI cabin, and five EI huts, Dum Dum is one of the largest and busiest stations in the Sealdah division, situated in a bustling suburban section. The project was prestigious as well as challenging since the Dum Dum station not only manages movement in five directions, but also controls all trains headed to Sealdah Main Line and Kolkata Terminal.


Location: Punkunnam, Thrissur, Ernakulam Town, Ernakulam Jn, ERS C Cabin, ERS D Cabin (Southern Railway, TVC Division)

Nature of Work: Signalling with MSDAC

Application: Signalling with Replacement of DC Track Circuit by MSDAC in Major Yard

With the provision of MSDAC, Eldyne has significantly enhanced the reliability of signaling systems at key stations in the Shoranur-Ernakulam sections of the TVC division. The project involved the commissioning of Punkunnam, Thrissur, Ernakulam North, Ernakulam Junction, ERS D Cabin and ERS C Cabin.


Location: Bareily City, Kalyanpur, Rawatpur, Hathras City, Raya (North Eastern Railway, Izzatnagar Division)

Nature of Work: MSDAC Project

Application: Provision of MSDAC

The Dual Detection project for the provision of MSDAC at Rawatpur, Kalyanpur, Hathras City, Raya and Bareilly City under the Izzatnagar Division has been another milestone for Eldyne. Despite challenging conditions due to poor drainage and flood-prone areas, Eldyne successfully commissioned the project, further cementing its reputation as a leader in Railway signalling solutions.


Location: Kalyan to Igatpuri (Central Railway, Mumbai North Division)

Nature of Work: Signalling Modification in IBS

Application: Modification of Old Block Section Signalling System by Introduction of New Intermediate Block Section

This project encompasses Intermediate Block signalling work for smooth train movement between Kalyan to Igatpuri. This was another challenging project, since the entire block section was covered under the hard rocky areas of the Western Ghats.

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